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Partnering with the right people

To be able to deliver and accomplish our goal of bringing you the highest quality leather goods at an honest price, it was of the utmost importance to find and partner with the right factories

And we made a Wise Choice!

With an intent to stay committed to the concept of “Make in India”, we traveled the country to only stop at a point where we finally found the people whose expertise we admired and who were equally excited about our vision of high-quality leather goods at fair and justified prices

The factories that we have now partnered with are family-run set-ups who have spent generations perfecting their artistry and mastering the age-old craft of fine shoemaking and leather-working

The Making of our shoe:

Made with hand - Made to last

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First things first! The foremost step – and also the most critical one at Pellé Santino – starting off with some ink and inspiration. Each design is first hand sketched and perfected keeping the traditional values of fine shoe-making well intact while blending in the latest trends in the most quintessential mix possible

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Every Pellé Santino product is made from genuine and authentic leather that is hand-picked for the best quality and true color, sourced from Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries in Italy, Brazil and Argentina

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Every single piece of leather is now examined, marked and cut. The highly skilled clicker looks for any defects in the leather & ensures these are not included in the shoe; while also ensuring optimal utilization of each hide

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Next, the component pieces are sewn together by highly skilled machinists so as to produce the completed upper. This involves great precision in piecing together every component so that each shoe is perfectly shaped

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Lasting & Making

This is where the shoe actually takes its final form! Here the completed uppers are molded into a shape of the foot with the help of a "Last". It is now when the sole meets the upper and can forever be called "sole-mates"

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Burnishing & Finishing

This is where the shoe gets its true identity as a Pellé Santino. Here the leather sole edge and heel are trimmed and buffed to give a smooth finish, while the leather upper is cleaned, carefully waxed, burnished and finished.

And finally, a round of inspection takes place with an obsessive attention for detail, before the pair is nicely packed in our high-quality boxes and is ready to be shipped!

A sneak-peek into our Goodyear Welting process:

Staying True to Our Values - Always