Blake Stitched Construction

Blake Stitched Construction

Pelle Santino - Blake Stitched

Blake Stitched Construction - A sign of quality & craftsmanship!

Invented in 1856 by Lyman Reed Blake, Blake Stitch has since become one of the most popular, reliable, and preferred methods of constructing a superior quality leather shoe. This world-class construction technique gives the shoe a slimmer profile, allowing them to be more stylish, versatile and fashion-forward.


Pelle SAntino - Blake Stitch Construction

One of the biggest advantages of a Blake Stitched shoe is its short to no break-in period. This flexible and lightweight shoe construction technique allows the shoe to adjust to your foot really fast, and in-turn feels comfortable almost right out of the box!

Pelle Santino - Blake Stitched Sole

Some of the many advantages of a Blake Stitched shoe:

  • A globally acclaimed & trusted shoe construction technique used to make high-end leather shoes
  • The Blake stitched process, though complex, is still less expensive than  Goodyear Welting
  • Highly durable and long lasting shoe 
  • Sleeker appearance and lighter weight than a Goodyear Welted shoe
  • Stylish, versatile and fashion-forward
  • The fewer layers makes the shoe more flexible
  • Shorter break-in period

 Pelle Santino - Leather Sole Blake Stitch


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