Goodyear Welted Construction

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Pelle Santino - Goodyear Welted Shoes India


Goodyear Welted Construction - The hallmark of supreme quality!

It takes over 150 individual processes and up to 4 weeks to handcraft each pair by our highly skilled craftsmen.  The Goodyear Welted construction is expensive, time consuming and requires highly skilled craftsmanship. Invented in 1869 by Charles Goodyear Jr., it is still considered one of the finest method of shoe construction today.


Pelle Santino - Goodyear Welted Shoe Anatomy India

Pelle Santino - Goodyear welted shoes india

The Goodyear Welt is the most advanced form of shoe construction with two stiches made. The WELT STITCH - here the upper and lining are sewn together to the inside of a leather welt, whilst the leather welt around the outside is sewn to the sole known as the SOLE STITCH. This not only makes for an extremely secure and strong constructed shoe, there are also no direct links between the outside and inside of the shoe which is great for water resistance.


Pelle Santino - Goodyear Welted Shoes India

Pelle SAntino - Goodyear Welted Shoe




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